Our PE curriculum at Walker Riverside Academy (WRA) is designed to maintain and stimulate student interest in PE and to promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles.  We hope to develop students'' knowledge, principles and vocabulary related to PE  through intellectual and physical challenges, as well as encourage pupils to take an active role in the analysis and assessment of their peers and themselves.  PE can play a major role in people’s lives, giving guidance related to health (be it physical or mental), leisure and employment and enabling people to make informed choices on how to live their lives.  Students should also be aware of safe practices within sport, what the effect of exercise can have on the body and the role of sport and exercise in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  

Sport at Walker Riverside Academy also tries to develop personal qualities within our students, particularly politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence, all of which will aid pupils in sport and the wider world.  Communication in sport is vital and here at WRA we aim to improve pupil’s oracy skills through teamwork and cooperation.  This development of communication will be used in a number of independent or team based tasks, the majority of which lead to either WRA competition or City/County competition through extra-curricular clubs.  We, in the PE department, also believe there are some areas that are vital for our pupils to learn, in particular that of swimming.  Living so close to the Tyne and a short distance to the coast, it is a department aim to have all pupils in WRA swimming by the end of Year 7.  We hope that all pupils will grasp the opportunities available to them here at WRA and push themselves to… Aim High, Be Proud, Love Life.


The aim of Sport is to develop knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of theoretical and practical areas related to Sport and PE. 

Students opting for this course must have demonstrated high levels of participation and commitment to PE at Key Stage 3.

This course is predominantly theory based, however most elements will be taught in a practical environment.



Within PE at Walker Riverside Academy we have the resources to offer a vast range of sports/activities to our students; including highly trained teachers with different specialisms and high quality equipment that allows students to receive the very best quality of learning. 

Our priority is to engage students and to encourage participation. For this reason we tailor our Year 10 and 11 curriculum, and the sports/activities the students participate in, to suit what each student cohort enjoys. We do not prescribe to making our students have to participate in activities the cohort doesn't enjoy. 

The curriculum areas detailed below shows the content of each sport, were they to be the course the cohort selected to study. 

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:


Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Sport

The Tech Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific applied knowledge and skills through realistic vocational contexts. Learners will have the opportunity to develop applied knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Component 1 - Preparing Participants to Take Part in Sport and Physical Activity (36 GLH) – internally assessed. (new assignment released each year - Moderation)

Component 2 - Taking Part and Improving Other Participants Sporting Performance (36 GLH) – internally assessed. (new assignment released each year - Moderation)

Component 3 - Developing Fitness to Improve Other Participants Performance in Sport and Physical Activity – (48 GLH) – Externally assessed synoptic exam. 


Details of the termly intent of each topic is displayed in the drop-down tabs below. 

For your convenience, we have arranged these in alphabetical order. 

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10



Year 11



Our Knowledge Organisers are 'learning mats' that have been designed to contain all of the key learning for that subject's topic. Our students will use these within their lessons but are also encouraged to use them to support their own learning, homework, and for revision. 

Our PE KOs are available below; separated into year group/key stage.


Aim High. Be Proud. Love Life.