The vision of our Cultural Development curriculum at Walker Riverside Academy is to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that fosters understanding, respect, and critical thinking about diverse religious and non-religious beliefs, practices, and ethical perspectives

It aims to empower students to navigate a pluralistic world with sensitivity, compassion, and a well-informed approach to religious and contemporary moral issues.

Self Aware curriculum intent logo

Our Cultural Development curriculum aspires to cultivate pupils’ capacities to become ‘self-aware’. This is promoted through the curriculum as pupils are encouraged to explore, question, and appreciate the diversity of belief as well as beginning to formulate and expand their own worldviews

Through the exploration of various faith traditions, ethical philosophies, and moral considerations, we aim to foster open-mindedness, tolerance, and critical thinking among our students.

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Globally aware curriculum intent logo

The curriculum aims to enable pupils to become ‘culturally and globally aware’ as it introduces pupils to an array of major world religions, and secular ethical philosophies, emphasising an understanding of their beliefs, practices, and cultural significance.

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The Cultural Development curriculum aims to ensure pupils are ‘life ready with ambition’ by developing critical thinking skills by analysing religious texts, ethical dilemmas, and contemporary moral issues, allowing them to form reasoned opinions and engage in respectful dialogue; enabling them to develop skills which are intrinsic for navigating our diverse society. 

It is our mission to implement an ambitious curriculum that serves the diverse cultural needs of our pupils as well as to broaden and extend pupil perspectives and their understanding of the world around them. 


Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8 students across all form classes will study the same modules within the same term, as detailed below.


Details of the termly intent of each term, for each of our year goups, is available in the drop-down options below. 

Year 7

Year 8


Our Knowledge Organisers are 'learning mats' that have been designed to contain all of the key learning for that subject's topic. Our students will use these within their lessons but are also encouraged to use them to support their own learning, homework, and for revision. 

Our Cultural Development KOs are available below; separated into year group/key stage.

Aim High. Be Proud. Love Life.