Walker Riverside Academy is fortunate enough to have our own Army Combined Cadet Force, (CCF). 

Our aim is to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline whilst enrolled onto the programme. 

The CCF is an educational partnership between the Academy and the Ministry of Defence, and our CCF is Army based and we wear the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers cap badge. 

Those students enrolled into the CCF will be called CADETS and will take part in a structured syllabus which covers, navigation, field craft, first aid, drill and turn out, expeditions, keeping active, shooting and weapon handling. 

This is a 3-year process and cadets will be enrolled from Yr9 – Yr11. There are formal qualifications and awards available and each cadet does achieve and receive these as they move through the process. 

A great syllabus with enough challenges to keep anyone occupied.

Aim High. Be Proud. Love Life.